Living Closer Together Symposium: (Future) Legacies

When: Sunday 24 Nov, 11am – 6.30pm
Where: MPavilion, Queen Victoria Gardens, Melbourne
How much: Free!
More info: Tickets here

What can ordinary people do about the climate crisis? What is ‘smart’ about ‘smart cities’? How do we build housing both affordable and beautiful? And what is the legacy we are leaving to the future generations?

Following the release of our latest print edition (#12: (Future) Legacies – available all summer long at MPavilion), the AP team is hosting a series of discussions exploring the intersection of design, action and community. Meet the experts in living good lives closer together, and join us as we create a plan of action for leaving a better (future) legacy.

Join us for a day of discussions and ideas in the beautiful MPavilion by Glenn Murcutt AO. We’ll finish with some drinks and a boogie to local DJ & fashion duo, Sister Studios!

ONE: Climate Crisis / 11.00am – 12.00pm

Our legacy to future generations will be ever more extreme weather. Can ordinary citizens do anything about the climate crisis? Is there a role for designers in climate response? How can we learn from the vast experience of Aboriginal Australians? And when is it the time to protest?


Jeremy Burke (Impact Investment Group)
Stephen Choi (Living Future Institute of Australia)
Jack Mitchell (Whadjuk/Balladong Noongar, designer, artist & researcher)
Jen Rae (independent artist, Refuge)


Jana Perković

TWO: Citizen-led Housing / 12.30pm – 1.30pm

Co-operatives, community land trusts, regulated rents, new forms of home ownership: around the world, new housing models are being designed and tested, in order to provide more choice to ordinary people. Everyone needs a home, yet housing is all-too-often left to speculators. As we are facing an affordability crisis, coupled with the loss of faith in building quality, it is time to consider how we can square the circle and combine affordability with quality. What good ideas should we be considering, and how can we test them in practice?


Tom Alves (Melbourne Housing Exposition)
Jessie French (public programs curator & activation strategist, resident at 122 Roseneath St)
Jessica Leslie (CEHL, Murundaka Cohousing Community)
Tim Riley (Property Collectives)
Brighid Sammon (DELWP)


Alexis Kalagas (ex-UT-T)

THREE: Innovation City / 2.30pm – 3.30pm

From data tracking to 3D printing, new technologies are present more than ever in our cities. Instead of with fear, how can we engage them for a better future? In this panel, we explore everything from ‘smart city’ technologies and ‘fab labs’ to new digital manufacturing techniques and what it offers – all while considering Melbourne’s significant industrial legacy. What does innovation look like in the 21st century?


Philippa Abbott (Today)
Paul D’Urso (Anatomics)
Nic Whyte (Art Processors)
Greg Williams (Dex Audio)


Penny Barnes (Arup Cities)

FOUR: 21st-century Family / 4.00pm – 5.00pm

How will we grow old together? Are we making enough space for children in our cities? What new, ‘radical’ forms of family are emerging? From children-led education design to feminist street lighting policies, we join active thinkers designing more people-centred cities.


Mary Featherston (designer)
Skye Haldane (manager of design, City of Melbourne)
Nicole Kalms (XYX Lab)
Tristam Meecham (All The Queens Men)


Kate Rhodes (RMIT Design Hub Gallery)

FIVE: Boogie in the Gardens! / 5.00pm – 6.30pm


Sister Studios