Hello World: Code and Design

When: 14 Sep 2018
Where: UTS Gallery, Level 4, 702 Harris St, Ultimo NSW
How much: Free
More info: UTS Arts

The role of code in contemporary design is being explored at UTS, in Hello World: Code and Design.

Processes like 3D printing are evidence of what’s happening on the digital screen moving into the physical world, while networked technologies and the ‘internet of things’ disrupt common models of manufacturing and ownership. Hello World explores code as material and process, in the experience and formation of our world.

“For thirty years or so the world has been stuffed into the internet and the interface of the screen, now we are witnessing the first inklings of what happens once it starts to overflow,” writes Tom Lee, in the essay accompanying the exhibition catalogue. Check the website for details of the associated public programs, including talks by curator Aaron Seymour.

[Main image: Aaron Seymour ‘Hello World, 2017’. Courtesy of UTS]