Head On Photo Festival 2020

When: 1-17 May
Where: Online
How much: Various ticket prices - see website for details
More info: Head On Photo Festival website

Head On Photo Festival 2020 captures the complexities of contemporary life, from ravaged landscapes and Neo-Nazi protests in Melbourne to celebrity culture, poverty and expressions of identity, sexuality & ageing.

Now in its 11th year, the festival will continue to highlight the extraordinary diversity of photography as a medium through thought-provoking exhibitions, seminars and events. Featuring contemporary fine art photography, portraiture and photojournalism by artists from all over the world, Head On Photo Festival brings together a banquet of topical themes that are deeply relevant to our everyday lives. While the festival’s physical doors will close due to COVID-19, the program will continue to run online – part of a global effort in continuing to find ways to connect, collaborate and support one another.

[Image: courtesy of Head On Photo Festival, Pierre Dalpé ‘Wig Stock’]