Giselle Stanborough: Cinopticon

When: 27 March – 14 June
How much: Free!
More info: Carriageworks website

Carriageworks presents a major new installation Cinopticon by Australian artist Giselle Stanborough. The exhibition probes at what it means to be watched and watch others – drawing on internet narcissism, corporate surveillance and the manipulation of social media algorithms. The online experience of the exhibition is accessed via the Carriageworks Journal and includes artist diaries, artist and curator ‘in conversations’, playlists, video content, curatorial essays and an interactive art-wall. Audiences see their reflection in unpredictable ways – the most unpredictable being the manner in which we now find ourselves, at home and socially distant, seeing Cinopticon from afar.

Bringing aspects of the work online is a challenging task because whilst the work was about the internet, “Cinopticon” used physical presence, both mine and the audiences, as an essential element. Whilst the form in which the work is experienced being different, I believe the ideas that inspired me through the development of Cinopticon are more important than ever.” — Giselle Stanborough.

[Image: courtesy of Carriageworks]