Eugenia Lim: On Demand

When: 11 October - 9 November
Where: Gertrude Glasshouse, 44 Glasshouse Road, Collingwood, Melbourne
How much: Free
More info: Gertrude Contemporary

Eugenia Lim is an Australian artist who works across video, performance and installation. Interested in how nationalism and stereotypes are formed, Eugenia invents personas to explore the tensions of an individual within society – the alienation and belonging in a globalised world.

Eugenia’s latest work ‘On Demand’ is a pedal-powered video work, a reflection on living and working in the digital age – an enquiry into the unstable nature of the gig economy. Self-exploitation, low wages and zero-hour contracts are shared terrain for many workers across both the cultural and service sectors. By inviting five workers of the gig economy to collaborate in performance, Eugenia’s work reflects on the precarity, competition and mobility of 21st-century living.

On Demand’s opening night is on Thursday 10 October from 6-8pm. More info here

[Image: Eugenia Lim, ON DEMAND concept image by Bryony Jackson (courtesy of the artist and APHIDS)]