Dancenorth: Dust

When: Thursday 28 March
Where: Alexander Theatre, Monash University (Clayton Campus)
How much: $20-60
More info: Dust

Partners in life and dance, Dancenorth’s Directors Kyle Page and Amber Haines have joined forces with the award-winning architecture design firm, Liminal Studio to create Dust. Dust dives into the topic of how, through the lottery of birth, we inherit the architecture of restriction and opportunity.

Part of MLIVE’s Weightless: a Dance Series program, Dust explores whether we question, challenge, resist, build upon or transcend the social, cultural, political inheritance systems and structures created by those that came before us. As dancers attempt to agitate and illuminate the engineering of their own existence, Dust invites audiences to consider how we might scrutinise the past in order to shape the future.

[Main image: Dust by Pippa Samaya]