DADo Film Society: The Disappearance of Robin Hood/Off Season

When: Tuesday 16 April
Where: 290 Walsh Street, South Yarra, Victoria
How much: See website for details
More info: DADo Film Society

The Dado Film Society’s 2019 season starts on Tuesday 16 April, with a double bill looking at the legacy of two buildings – one encapsulates the London Brutalist movement; the other, the Soviet Sanatorium typology.

Produced by Urban Think-Tank, The Disappearance of Robin Hood premiered last year at the ArchFilmFest in London. Through a combination of documentary and fictional storytelling, the film pieces together the history of the social housing project, from its initial conception to the present day.

The second film, Off Season, explores the relationship that residents had to a sanitarium in Slovakia, a building that was thought to be the ‘jewel of functionalism.’

DADo is the official film partner for the Robin Boyd Foundation, and aims to bring the best in documentaries and films on architecture, design and urbanism to Melbourne.

[Main image: still from ‘Off Season’. Photo courtesy of the Robin Boyd Foundation]