Christian Thompson: Bayi Gardiya (Singing Desert)

When: 1 - 23 May 2019
Where: ACMI
How much: Free
More info: Bayi Gardiya (Singing Desert)

We’re delving into the world of virtual reality, and what better place to try that than ACMI. Christian Thompson’s new VR work Bayi Gardiya (Singing Desert) is bold and ambitious, and even represents a new medium for Thompson himself.

In the seven-minute experience, Thompson invites audiences to walk through the landscape of his childhood, where they will witness a simple yet profound aesthetic gesture of the artist singing in his traditional Bidjara language, a recognised lost language.

Christian Thompson is a contemporary artist whose work explores notions of identity, cultural hybridity, and history; often referring to the relationships between these concepts and the environment. The exhibition is on at ACMI until 23 May 2019.