Chamber Made: Diaspora

When: 3 - 6 October
Where: The SUBSTATION, 1 Market Street, Newport
How much: $29 - $39
More info: Chamber Made website

Chamber Made brings new audiences to music, and new ways of experiencing music to their audiences. The company is renowned for cultivating adventurous collaborations between composers, sound artists, directors, performance-makers and media artists, disrupting and rewriting conventions to discover new forms of expression.

Their most recent work, Diaspora, questions our fear of technology as the bringer of catastrophe, and asks us to consider the possibility that artificial intelligence could save our species from extinction. Inspired by the concepts of Australian author Greg Egan, projections, illusions and lasers, combined with an ensemble of musicians, will bring this all-sensory experience to life. Directed by local sound-and-light pioneer Robin Fox and collaborators, and part of the Melbourne International Arts Festival, Diaspora awakens a mind that is yet to come.

[Image: courtesy of Chamber Made]