When: 27 - 30 June 2018
Where: Arts House, 521 Queensberry St, North Melbourne
How much: $25 - 35
More info: Carrion

Justin Shoulder creates a dreamlike state to connect the audience with the metaphysical world in his haunting work Carrion, showing at Arts House from 27 – 30 June. The carrion itself is a human hybrid, born to echo the seriousness of our times, and examine what a post-apocalyptic form could be.

Shoulder describes the work as a lament, with a focus on environmental degradation. Despite having its seeds in the club scene, Carrion was created in response to Shoulder’s horror at the state of the world. The figure feeds on the surviving remains, yet Carrion aims to feed our sense of hope for the future.

[Main image: a still from ‘Carrion’, courtesy of Justin Shoulder]