BLEED: Biennial Event in the Everyday Digital

When: 22 June - 30 August
Where: Various locations, see website for details.
How much: Free!
More info: Arts House website

Every day, every part of our lives is flooded with digital.

BLEED (Biennial Live Event in the Everyday Digital) is a new ten-week digital festival that asks the question: how does the online affect us? Technology is not neutral – it has motives and is influential, by examining the relationship and engagement between an artist and their audience in a digital context, BLEED will interrogate themes such as digital anxiety created by surveillance, data policing and image manipulation.  The festival features five new art commissions including workshops, performances, podcasts, dance, video installation and interviews. Artists include Hannah Brontë, Alex Kelly, David Pledger, James Nguyen, Victoria Pham, Angela Goh, Su Yu Hsin, Lilian Steiner and Emile Zile.

[Image: Angela Goh & Su Yu Hsin, Paeonia Drive]