AP print issue 4: out now!

When: Now, until stacks run out!
Where: Melbourne & Sydney
How much: Free!

Our latest print issue, themed ‘The Architecture of Wellbeing‘, has started to hit the streets (with more locations around the city and interstate to come)! Here in Melbourne, this special issue coincides with the unveiling of British architects AL_A’s MPavilion, which has just unfurled its petals in the Queen Victoria Gardens. Over our Spring and Summer, MPavilion will present an incredible smorgasbord of free cultural events, day and night. You’ll also be able to pick up a free copy of AP issue 4 onsite at your next visit – our interview with this year’s commissioned architect, Amanda Levete (principal at AL_A) is a highlight.

Issue 4 is a thoughtful collection of favourite and newly-commissioned coverage on the intersection between place, environment, architecture and mind, featuring: Tezuka Architects’ inside/outside architecture, a trip to Breathe Architecture‘s The Commons; a home visit to Jane Caught of SIBLING; Timmah Ball’s reflection on Aboriginal placemaking in the contemporary city; Kono Design‘s outstanding workplace design for Pasona HQ, the largest office-based farm-to-table operation in Japan; what art can do through the ambitious public interventions of HAWAPI; the importance of creative freedom at Arts Project Australia, plus much, much more.

Read on to find out where you can grab yourself a copy before stacks run out! If you can’t get to these spots and you’d like a copy sent to you, please send a prepaid/stamped self-addressed envelope to us here at the new Assemble studio: c/o Assemble Papers, 122 Roseneath Street Clifton Hill, Victoria, Australia 3068. We’ll pop one in snail mail for you to read at your leisure.