Contributor: Ryan Alexander

Ryan is an associate in the Energy Efficiency and Climate Change Banking group at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in London. He works with public impact funds to develop catalytic, scalable investment with positive climate change outcomes. Prior to joining the EBRD, Ryan worked in a series of research and consulting roles to develop, analyse and implement national climate change policies. Any views expressed are his own. Ryan has an instagram account focusing on green news: @bravenewgreenworld

The Rooftop Energy Revolution

According to the United Nations, the global community has until 2030 to change its behaviour before we lock in a disastrous level of warming. This begs the question: why aren’t we using the vast amounts of renewable energy available to us? Ryan Alexander investigates the green energy movement in Australia and how households can effect change.

Clean Money: The New Sustainability Frontier

Ever wondered whether your superannuation fund is making ethical and sustainable investments with your retirement savings? Ryan Alexander investigates the need for a shift towards more environmentally and socially responsible decisions in the financial sector. We, as consumers, need to research and arm ourselves with the necessary knowledge to bring this change about.