Contributor: Nailya Bikmurzina

Nailya Bikmurzina is a freelance photographer, born in Russia, and based in Berlin. She has a master in Neuroscience, however she decided to dedicate her professional career to her creative calling. Her main focus is lifestyle and sports photography, where she tries to capture the feeling of the moment through motion and emotions. She loves to work with kids and young athletes. For creative development she combines Science and Arts in personal video projects; visual and psychological perception are her main interests.

Living Labs for Housing: Co-operatives Reinvented

Housing co-operatives can produce high-quality housing at affordable rents. Previously, Manuel Lutz introduced us to three contemporary housing co-operatives in Germany and Switzerland and their decision-making processes, based on solidarity and ‘self help’. Scrutinizing these projects further, today he looks at the finance that makes it possible to scale up. Mixed financing: equity capital and […]

Play Matters: The Style and Substance of the Berlin Spielplatz

Germany has some of the world's most exciting playgrounds, thanks to a combination of social values and wise design regulations. On her sojourn in Berlin, planning lawyer Mitra Anderson-Oliver gets to explore (mit kind!) this essential infrastructure of childhood.