Contributor: Nadia Saccardo

Nadia Saccardo is an editor who bounces between Melbourne and Sydney. She co-founded and edited Smith Journal magazine, published The Thousands City Guides, and has contributed to frankie, Four & Sons, Head Full of Snakes, Dumbo feather and Monster Children. Currently, she’s in the throes of starting two new mags that riff off sport and beer.

Clare Cousins in the meeting room at the Blackwood Street Bunker. Photograph by Daniel Aulsebrook.

Clare Cousins: Buildings to Breathe In

Clare Cousins remembers The Barbican. She was eight years old and living in London. Her father, a specialist surgeon had brought the family to the city via Berlin, and young Clare had her eyes open. She couldn’t articulate it at the time, but the Barbican’s imposing structure and raw textural qualities made an impression. Nadia Saccardo talks to Clare about her team's “collaborative, small-steps approach.”