Contributor: Megan Rennie

Megan Rennie is an illustrator living in Melbourne, Australia. With a background in film studies and fine art, her process combines painting and intricate papercut collage to create scenes rich with texture and colour. Megan is most passionate about painting people and homes – living, fictional and imagined. She is currently working on a series of paintings based on stills from her favourite films.

AP#10: Housing

Who gets to decide how we all reside? Jana Perković and Eugenia Lim introduce the tenth print issue of Assemble Papers, dedicated to housing for all, and published in partnership with MPavilion.

Radical Families

"When ‘family’ is unshackled from ‘nature’ and ‘biology’, and hitched instead to ‘choice’ or ‘artifice’ or even just to ‘love’, then the possibilities are endless.” Naomi Stead considers what is radical, what is family and questions how the limited stock of conventional family housing can serve, and impact, the potentially limitless arrangements of radical families.