Contributor: Maitiú Ward

Maitiú Ward is a publisher, editor, journalist and occasional broadcaster with a special interest in architecture and design. He is the former Editor-in-Chief of Architectural Review Asia Pacific and (Inside) Interior Design Review. He is the co-founder of Uro Media, a specialist publisher dedicated to the creation of authoritative and critically rigorous books on architecture and design.

Social Structures: Takaharu Tezuka

“Architecture is consciously made to support those cultural activities and social structures that are unique to human beings... it may be described as the nexus for all human activities.” Takaharu Tezuka speaks with Maitiú Ward about the enduring influence of Richard Rogers and the importance of the humble roof as a social structure in the work of Tezuka Architects.

Otherworldly Architecture: AL_A

Melbourne will play host to its own AL_A project over summer: the 2015 MPavilion, the second temporary architectural structure in the Naomi Milgrom Foundation’s series to grace the Queen Victoria Gardens. Rain or shine, Maitiú Ward finds the prospect of an open air AL_A MPavilion an intriguing one.

City Limits: interview with Paul Donegan

Cities amplify opportunity. In comparison to, say, life in a village, they offer greater opportunities for employment, for social connection and for exchanges of culture and experience. Maitiú Ward speaks to Paul Donegan, co-author (with Jane-Frances Kelly) of City Limits, a new book exploring the growing divide between our places of work and residence, our cities and suburbs – the good, the bad and the ugly, of Australian cities.