Contributor: Jeff McAllister

Jeff is a chemical engineer and a story-teller. He's part of Arup's Water team, a creative non-fiction writer, and a runner. The half marathon is his favourite distance. Jeff is passionate about how engineering can be used to deliver humanitarian outcomes. Sustainable Development Goal 14 - life below water - is his favourite one.

Expecting the Unexpected

As global warming causes our planet to heat up, weather disasters are becoming increasingly common. Jeff McAllister, a chemical engineer at Arup’s Research, Foresight and Innovation team, investigates how we can use technology to create a built environment capable of responding to outside forces.

Circular Thinking: Zero-Waste Buildings

‘Circular economy’ is a fancy term for an industry that produces no waste. In practice, it means making products and materials more efficiently, and reusing them for as long as possible. This week we begin our series on Circular Thinking, looking at what circular economy might mean in practice. First off: buildings. No other human activity creates as much waste as construction – but what can architects and builders do about it? Our friends from Arup – the engineering masterminds – guide us through their research into zero-waste buildings.