Contributor: James Stephens

James Stephens is a lawyer practicing in commercial, constitutional and native title law. His qualifications also include: living in an apartment, a building and design degree and writing and editing architectural publications.


Best known for his later work on the Victorian Arts Centre and National Gallery, it was between 1939 and 1941 architect Roy Grounds finessed his trademark Modernist style on a series of apartment buildings in and around Melbourne's inner southern suburbs. James Stephens and James Geer explore one of the most iconic, Toorak's Moonbria, an ode to Grounds' enduring architectural legacy.

The Cairo: romance and the minimum flat

A leafy art deco gem built by Australian modernist architect Best Overend, Cairo Flats was completed in 1936. This post-dated Overend's September 1933 article 'A Minimum Flat with Maximum Comfort' in the publication 'Australian Home Beautiful.' Writer James Stephens talks to former resident Kate Rhodes about the romance and quirks of her Cairo days.