Contributor: Bree Trevena

Bree Trevena is an urban strategist operating at the intersection of civic systems, creative strategy and city planning. She manages research at Arup Foresight, Research + Innovation with a focus on urban transformations. Her background is in policy, cultural planning and arts infrastructure.

Imagine Ageing: Sibling × Arup

We are living longer than ever before - but what services do we need to ensure livability at all ages? For Sibling architects, researching ageing now is an investment in our own future quality of life. AP editor Jana Perković brings Sibling director Timothy Moore into conversation with Bree Trevena, research manager at Arup Foresight, the engineering firm's think tank on urban futures.

There’s a city in my mind

A temporary festival in the Nevada desert is a model for innovation in tourism – and more, says Melbourne-based researcher in Public Cultures, Bree Trevena. It’s the latest instalment in our series of articles shared from ‘Future West', a West Coast publication considering the future of urbanism through Western Australia.