Contributor: Asha Bee Abraham

Asha Bee Abraham is a human ecologist who works at various points on the lines connecting sustainability, community development and art. She has a particular interest in urban resilience and the connections between people and place.

Concrete Jungles

There is a common misconception that experiencing and interacting with nature requires us to retreat from the urban environment. Here Asha Bee Abraham challenges this perception, revealing the 'other natures' that necessarily exist inside our cities, the importance to our wellbeing in connecting to them, and the simple ways we can do so on a daily basis.

The edible ecology of weeds

An afternoon with author & permaculturalist Adam Grubb starts with a harvest of garden variety weeds. Oxalis, nettle, mallow and dandelion leaves all go into the Vietnamese pho Adam prepares from scratch. I call Adam a “mind weeder” (no, that’s not a typo or speech impediment). Over soup and a forage, Adam shares his psychological and philosophical approach to weeding the garden.

Cities as ecosystems

More than half the world’s population now lives in cities. Urbanisation has quickened dramatically in recent decades, with an estimated 1 million people moving to cities every week. Humanity is on the move and is now overwhelmingly urban. Cities have already shown their capacity to adapt and profoundly influence the shape of humanity. Now it’s up to us to influence the shape of our cities.