The Human Scale at ACMI

Since the 1960s, humanity’s embrace of modernity – from skyscrapers to cities, freeways to suburban sprawl – has seen a growing disconnection between people and their increasingly urbanised environment. Over five chapters, Andreas Dalsgaard’s documentary looks at the pioneering work of Gehl Architects across ten cities including New York, Copenhagen, Dhaka and Melbourne. For over forty years, Jan Gehl (inspired by the original humanist Jane Jacobs) has observed humans in their urban environs, working to shift our growing car culture towards a street-scale culture in which private space becomes public again so that humans can enjoy life between buildings (stay tuned for our profile on Jan Gehl here on Assemble Papers next week).
The season runs Fri 14 June – Thur 4 July at ACMI Cinemas. Tickets: Full $16 / Concession $12.50 / ACMI Member $11. Check the website for more info and to book:

Image courtesy Gehl Architects / The Human Scale. 

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