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Help shape Matters Journal, the new publication initiative of Local Peoples (sister company to Assemble) and have a chance to get a free copy of the first print issue.

Launching in late 2017, Matters Journal will be a biannual print and free weekly online publication exploring Arts, Design, Environment, Food, Health and Technology.

Most importantly we want to create ongoing and interactive opportunities for the Matters Journal community to shape and co-design the content and approach of how, what and why we publish over time.

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More info: Mattersjournal.com


Recent Articles

  • Carolyn Whitzman: The Meaning of Consensus

    Being able to work across our differences is crucial if we are to solve the housing crisis in Melbourne, says urban planning professor Carolyn Whitzman, of University of Melbourne. Whitzman's background in activism now underpins her work on solving Melbourne's housing crisis: she describes her research as trying to make social change happen through experiments in deliberative democracy

    Our 8th print issue of Assemble Papers, ‘Metropolis.’, muses on the power of cities and their citizens to instigate and enact global change. AP editor Jana Perkovic shares her thoughts on the evolution of the issue, published in partnership with this year's MPavilion
  • Tsuno: Roslyn Campbell

    TSUNO is a young, female-friendly social enterprise manufacturing environmentally and socially sustainable menstrual wear. Emily Wong spoke to TSUNO founder and design-brain Roslyn Campbell about learning through doing, the value of community and breaking down taboos