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Launching in late 2017, Matters Journal will be a biannual print and free weekly online publication exploring Arts, Design, Environment, Food, Health and Technology.

Most importantly we want to create ongoing and interactive opportunities for the Matters Journal community to shape and co-design the content and approach of how, what and why we publish over time.

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Recent Articles

  • Marisa Yiu: Prototyping the City

    In two years, Marisa Yiu will finally add architecture ‘proper’ to her portfolio, when a built project goes up with her firm among its designers. But, for now, the in-demand architect relishes working beyond built form, in an inventive realm where design advocacy and pedagogy meets the social and cultural development of people and their cities
  • Blame Joanne mix by Toni Yotzi

    Named 'one of Melbourne's most tasteful deejays', Perth-bred Toni Yotzi's tunes will lead us into the summer solstice celebrations at the zero-waste, solar-powered Off The Grid festival in the ACCA forecourt on 22 December. Ahead of the event, she's prepared an exclusive EARS mix for us, merging obscure sounds with irresistible beats for months of summery listens
  • The Scale of the Museum

    What will the museum of the future be like? Senior curator at ACCA Annika Kristensen considers the meaning of 'civic' architecture and how an institution might contribute to the public good. It's the latest in our series of articles from Future West – a West Coast publication rethinking the future of urbanism through Western Australia