Super Field

Currently happening at RMIT Design Hub, Super Field presents the work of 19 artists responding to the unique and particular conditions surrounding certain remote and isolated locations. The works on show – divided into sound and vision – are a response by each artist to the environments researched and experienced during a prolonged period of immersion within the selected locality. The exhibition comprises four programs – corresponding to four specific geographic regions – changing over the course of the three-month exhibition span. High Country: The Australian Alps, A Surrender to Nature: The Kimberley, and Glacial Erratic: Antarctica and the Arctic were featured from December to late January, with the final program, Unheard Spaces: International wilderness area, currently on show. The exhibition was curated by the Bogong Centre for Sound Culture whose mission is to explore the history, ecology and communities of the Australian Alps through the provision of support and residencies for artists.

Exhibiting artists:

Natasha Barrett (UK)
Benoit Bories (FR)
Matthew Berka (AU)
David Burrows (AU)
Anne Colomes (FR)
Madelynne Cornish (AU)
Yannick Dauby (FR/TW)
Lawrence English (AU)
Hughes Germain (FR)
Martin Kay (AU)
Slavek Kwi (IE)
Jay-Dea Lopez (AU)
Douglas Quin (US)
Matthew Quomi (AU)
Philip Samartzis (AU)
Polly Stanton (AU)
Michael Vorfeld (DE)
Chris Watson (UK)
Jana Winderen (UK).

Main image courtesy RMIT Design Hub.

Where: RMIT Design Hub, Level 2, Project Rooms 1 & 2, Building 100, Victoria St, Carlton

When: Until Sat 17 February

How much: Free entry

More info: RMIT Design Hub website


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