Our sister company Fieldwork, a dynamic architecture and interior design practice, is looking for a talented Studio & Brand Assistant to join its growing team.

For Fieldwork, design is about aspiration and practicality – an optimistic view in which things can be made better through design. Through creative yet systematic solutions, the built environment can be optimised for both functionality and enjoyment. Fieldwork truly believes in the value of good design and takes great care in translating beauty and functionality into their projects. The design process starts with sound definition and analysis of the relevant questions. It ends with finding the optimal resolutions through space, form and shape. This is a rare opportunity to contribute towards the professional, commercial and cultural success of the firm and the positive change which it seeks to make in the industry.

The Studio & Brand Assistant will share in the responsibility for the following areas of the practice, with support from the Operations Manager, Commercial Manager, Bookkeeper, Directors and Outsourced IT provider:

·     Studio administration
·     Brand and communications
·     Culture
·     Systems

The qualities and skills required for the position include:

·     Exceptional written and verbal communication
·     Highly organised
·     High professional standards
·     Leadership potential
·     Quick and accurate problem solving
·     Proficient in office software/systems
·     Excellent judgement
·     Proactive
·     Discerning
·     Empathy
·     Optimism
·     Ambition

Suitable candidates will have experience working or studying in administration, hospitality, branding and/or marketing. Exceptional candidates without this experience will also be considered. In considering the role, candidates should have regard to the following strengths and opportunities which the role and the practice offers:

·     Active and supportive studio culture (i.e. Yoga, Crossfit, Friday Night Assemblies, Archisoccer)
·     Committees to encourage participation across the practice (i.e. New Business, Brand & Communications, Continued Professional Development, Sustainability, Quality Assurance, BIM and Design Programs, Careers, Libraries, Culture, Fieldstudies and Finance).
·     Sophisticated clients that value good design and our value proposition
·     High quality projects that satisfy design and financial objectives, and are professionally managed
·     Exceptionally talented and motivated team members
·     Recognised as a leading practice in the multi-residential sector
·     Proven ability to win high profile and highly competitive tenders in new sectors
·     Extensive network in the property industry
·     Opportunity to innovate and participate in multi-residential development through Assemble
·     Opportunity to lead and contribute to the conversation about small footprint living through Assemble Papers

If interested, please send your CV to Courtney Scott cscott [at] fieldworkprojects.com.au, after which a company overview and full position description will be provided.

Where: Collingwood, VIC 3066

When: Position available with Fieldwork now

More info: Fieldwork website


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