Open House Melbourne

More than 220 buildings will be open to the public across greater Melbourne this July, as part of Open House Melbourne 2018. A series of talks, events, tours, screenings and performances will take place throughout July.

Over the weekend of 28 & 29 July, people are invited to explore buildings of significance including places of worship, private residences, cultural institutions and industrial buildings. Many of these buildings are not ordinarily open to the public. Highlights include 5×4 Hayes Lane in East Melbourne which has previously featured in Assemble Papers, as well as the Australian Islamic Centre by Glen Murcutt and Hakan Elevli, and the new Gertrude Contemporary building by Edition Office. Melbourne Vernacular is also an exciting addition to the program, showcasing innovative sustainability practices.

Check the Open House Melbourne website for details including opening times, booking requirements and photography restrictions.

[Main image: The roof of Melbourne Vernacular. Image courtesy of Open House Melbourne]

Where: Across Greater Melbourne.

When: 28 & 29 July

How much: See website for details

More info: Open House Melbourne


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