MPavilion: November Round-up

It’s time for our fortnightly round-up of the MPavilion line-up again and, and like October there’s simply no shortage of thought-provoking talks, workshops and performances, providing different perspectives on how we might design for a better, brighter urban future. Read on for our curated suggestion of activities to ease you through to the end of November – a gentle reminder of the ways we can engage with our collective surrounds.

Mkids MMeets: ‘Slow Down, World’ workshop with Tai Snaith
What might a slower city of the future look like? No cars? More trees? Riding giant snails to school? Melbourne artist and storyteller Tai Snaith will lead a workshop exploring what characteristics a slower city of the future might have. The event will include a reading by Tai of her latest picture book Slow Down, World, a brainstorming session around ideas for slower cities, followed by a drawing and modelling session where participants will create physical versions of their representing their slower future cities. All ages welcome!

MTalks: The Coming Back Out Ball: In Conversation
A lunch-time conversation between Coming Back Out Ball organisers, attendees and the general public exploring the meaning and significance of the Coming Back Out Ball in the context of designing an inclusive and age-friendly city. The Coming Back Out Ball was a red-carpet event held at the Melbourne Town Hall on October 7 celebrating LGBTQIA+ elders, aged 65 and over. The event forms part of Sibling Architecture’s ‘Designing the age-friendly city‘ day-long takeover of MPavilion.

Mtalks: Ageing Melbourne: Most Liveable City or Looming Disaster?
Melbourne’s ageing population is increasing – how can we plan for this? How liveable is Melbourne for the over 65s? An evening panel discussion featuring diverse speakers and moderated by Sibling Architecture co-director Timothy Moore and Melbourne School of Design director Alan Pert will cover topics including technology, diversity, care and liveability. Audience participation is encouraged! This event also forms part of Sibling Architecture’s ‘Designing the age-friendly city‘ day-long takeover of MPavilion.

MMeets: Food and Cities: A Mapping Workshop
Join a human geographer and a landscape architect (our own Emily Wong!) in mapping the food landscape of the Melbourne CBD. What can we learn about cities from studying food that is bought, found or thrown away? A workshop designed to raise food consciousness, and to encourage participants to consider their urban environs from a different perspective.

Mtalks: Parlour Spring Salon
Parlour hosts an evening of conversation and connection-building between women in the built environment. Sparking off with a short public conversation between Meaghan Dwyer (John Wardle Architects) and Linda Kennedy (Future Black), the evening will flow into more casual socialising between members of the built environment community. Wander down for a glass of wine and to meet new people and enjoy the company of great women of Victorian architecture. All ages and genders welcome!

For the full programme of MPavilion events taking place over the course of November, visit the website here.

Main image courtesy Tai Snaith and MPavilion.

Where: MPavilion, Queen Victoria Gardens

When: 3 October - 4 February

How much: Free!

More info: MPavilion website


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