Cities of Architecture: Guadalajara

ACCA’s final Cities of Architecture lecture for this year will tour the west Mexican city of Guadalajara through the eyes of Diego Ramírez-Lovering, deputy dean and associate dean of Monash Art Design and Architecture (MADA) and co-founding managing director of Monash Architecture Studio (MAS).

One of Latin America’s fastest growing cities, Guadalajara fuses a long history of tradition and folklore with a vibrant and emerging contemporary arts and architecture scene. Professor Diego Ramírez-Lovering will explore the notion of ‘Opportunistic Urbanism’ – the influence of the the ad hoc, the contingent and the easily obtainable – in the context of the city’s evolving social issues. Arrive at 5pm for a complimentary Guadalajara-inspired cocktail by the Melbourne Gin Company.

Main image courtesy Diego Ramírez-Lovering.

Where: ACCA, 111 Sturt St, Southbank, Melbourne

When: Mon 16 October, 6–7pm (bar open from 5pm)

How much: $35 per session

More info: ACCA website


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