Brutal Destruction

Brutalism is one of the most polarizing architectural movements of the twentieth century (even the name is loaded). On 12 April, pinkcomma gallery in Boston will launch Brutal Destruction, an exhibition which documents Brutalist buildings in various stages of demolition. Curated by Chris Grimley of over,under, Brutal Destruction highlights the vulnerability of structures that have been deemed ‘ugly’ or ‘old’ less than a generation after they were built, and includes Orange County Government Center (NY), Third Church of Christ (DC), as well as Birmingham Public Library and Robin Hoods Gardens in the UK.

The speed with which our attitude towards Brutalism has changed, Grimley comments, “says more about our own pessimism, the weakness of our potential building legacy, and our lack of patience in finding ways to supersede the cycle of ugliness and make these monstrosities our own.”. The exhibition is part of the ongoing Heroic Project, which looks at the significance of brutalism in Boston.

[Main image: ‘Robin Hood Gardens, UK’. Photo by Oliver Wainwright].

Where: 46 Waltham Street, Courtyard One, Boston, MA

When: 12 April - 3 May 2018

How much: Free!

More info: pinkcomma


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