Assemble Papers Issue 9, ‘Radical Family’, is now available all across Melbourne! (Keep your eyes peeled as we continue to add more locations in Melbourne, Sydney and other select locations across Australia.)

Reporting from a year of action and change, ‘Radical Family’ explores a generous, expanded notion of family, looking at how we actually live in order to propose better housing, architecture and cities. AP#9: Radical Family includes words, ideas and provocations from Naomi Stead, Timothy Moore, Bree Trevena, Paola Balla, Bhenji Ra, and many others.

Get down to one of our many stockists to grab your free copy of Issue 9. If you’re unable to reach any of our listed locations but would still love to read the latest print edition, please send a prepaid/stamped self-addressed envelope to: c/o Assemble Papers, 150 Langridge Street, Collingwood, Victoria, Australia 3066. We’ll direct a copy straight into your letterbox. 


Assemble Papers Issue #9 Stockists

All Press

Centre for Contemporary Photography
Gertrude Contemporary
Gypsy Hideout
Modern Times
Open House Melbourne
Mr Kitly
Third Drawer Down (Fitzroy)
Melbourne School of Design
RMIT Design Hub
Modern Times
Inspire9 (Richmond) & Footscray (Dream Factory)
Chunky Move
Footscray Community Arts Centre
The Substation
Brunswick Mechanics Institute
ArtsHouse Melbourne
Malthouse Theatre
All Press
Schoolhouse Studios
Victorian Planning Authority
Footscray Community Arts Centre
Swinburne – Advanced Manufacturing & Design Centre
Moreland City Council
Brunswick Mechanics Institute
Mixed Business
Hares & Hyenas
Happy Valley Shop
Metro Arts (Brisbane)
Phat Milk Cafe
Auction Rooms
Twenty & Six Espresso
Mork Chocolate Brew House
Lekker Bikes
Arts House
Kathleen Syme Library
North Melbourne Books
All The Kings Men
Electron Workshop Co-working Space
Code Black Coffee
Record Paradise
Paradise Cutters
Wolf & Hound Cafe
Studio Warhol
Hair Off Bellair
Choice Dental
The Venny
Kensington Town Hall
Sun Theatre (Yarraville)
Clik Clik Collective
Vault Yarraville
VU at Metro West (community hub)
Footscray Milking Station
Dancing Dog Cafe
Footscray Library
Flemington Library
Rudimentary Cafe
Sun Bookshop
Little Foot Bar
Straight Six Cafe
Healthy Self Co
Wee Jeannie Cafe
Luncheonette Cafe
The Premises Cafe

New South Wales
Sydney Theatre Company
4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art
EVH Communications

Metro Arts

South Australia
ACE Open

Western Australia

Salamanca Arts Centre

Where: Around Australia - new locations added each week!

When: Out now

How much: Free


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