5×5: Participatory Provocations

5×5: Participatory Provocations explores the role of architecture and architects in providing critical commentary on present-day issues. The show presents twenty-five architectural models by twenty-five young American architects responding to significant contemporary topics including immigration (the proposed US-Mexico border wall), surveillance (the use of drones), off-world tourism (luxury vacations to the Moon) and the relationship between urban densification and the commercially-driven development of high-rise residential complexes. Drawing from the long tradition of ‘paper’ architecture intending to provoke discussion and debate around controversial ideas, 5×5: Participatory Provocations encourages participatory criticism as an increasingly relevant form of practice that can sit alongside more conventional forms of architectural expression. Participating architects and studios include Archive of AffinitiesPlatform for Architecture + Research, Snarkitecture, Studio Cadena, and Ultramoderne.

Main image by Robert Prochaska courtesy Architect Magazine.

Where: The Center for Architecture, 536 LaGuardia Place, New York

When: Until 31 October

How much: Free!

More info: Center for Architecture website


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